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Anastasia Maximova

botanical artist, tutor and researcher

Anastasia Maximova botanical artist



January 1, 2022

Happy Floral New Year!

I wish you, dear friends, a happy, creative and floral New Year! Botanical Art Society of Australia published a beautiful 2022 Calendar. January starts with my painting of King Protea that symbolizes courage and transformation. Let it be then the year of the strong dedication, the bravest things and changes for the better.



November 20, 2021

Dip in Ink


I run a workshop at CDU Art Collection and Art Gallery on Botanical Art ink drawing techniques. It is one of the most interesting themes as ink is an exquisite medium for botanical illustrations.

We found out the difference between different types of pens such as rapidograph and isograph pens, fineliners, dip pens and the purpose they could be used for.


November 12, 2021

CDU News on Royal Botanical Gardens exhibition

I therefore would like to thank CDU Media team for their professional overview of an important event that is one further step forward towards the popularization of contemporary botanical art and its role in plant biodiversity conservation.



Maths, Art and Plants

Darwin, Australia, December 2021

It has been the most challenging and mysterious but breathtaking and festive workshop of the year. I have chosen the theme on the secrets of Nature, while observing, researching and understanding the interconnection between Maths, plants and the creation of beautiful botanical paintings.


We have discussed Ancient cosmological models and Platonic solids, symmetry in Nature and Euclidean geometry, Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio, Mandelbrot set and the harmonious order of the Universe.


The results have exceeded my expectations. The participants have been actively involved in the discussion and a follow-up creative activity. Their positive feedback and beautiful paintings motivate me greatly to run new workshops and to discover new interesting sides of botanical art.


Leo Tolstoy’s Childhood Flowers

Moscow, Russia, December 2021

My painting of Hypericum ascyron participates in a very interesting project. It is an exhibition that presents the plants, described by Leo Tolstoy’s mother in her diary in the beginning of the 19th century. Being the only daughter and an heiress to a large estate, she received an exemplary education, including botany. She researched and outlined the plants, grown in Yasnaya Polyana, their family estate near Moscow and Leo Tolstoy’s future home.


This exhibition is a metaphoric bridge between past and present, captured attention to pastoral landscapes and beautiful flora of the Moscow region 200 years ago and reflected in the novels of the great writer.


Brisbane, Australia, November 2021

In November the major exhibition of the Botanical Artists’ Society of Queensland "Floressence" took place in Brisbane.

I presented Red-flowering kurrajong (Brachychiton megaphyllus) – a beautiful floral emblem of Darwin.


Its gorgeous scarlet flowers bloom during the dry season while the shrub is leafless. The beginning of the wet season wakes up the plant and for a while late flowers and young delicate leaves could be observed altogether. This magic moment is captured in the painting.

Anastasia Maximova, One Exquisite Moment, Watercolor, 2021
Brisbane Botanical Gardens
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